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Structures Overhead Cranes

Structures Overhead Cranes

 (1) According to the crane running track bearing mode can be divided into support type, hanging two types; according to the braking method can be divided into manual, electric crane; according to the bridge structure of the main beam can be divided into single and double beam crane.

Structures Overhead Cranes

(2) the type and structure of beam Overhead Cranes. The bridge that supports the beam crane runs on the crane track along the crane beam. The bridge of the girder crane is running along the crane track running under the roof of the building.

(3) the type of manual beam crane: a manual single-beam crane, manual single-beam suspension crane, manual double-beam crane 3 kinds.

The bridge structure consists of a main beam and an end beam. The main beam is generally made of single steel or made of simple steel composite beam, end beam commonly used steel or bending forming steel welded together.

(4) The types of electric beam Overhead Cranes are electric single girder Overhead Cranes, electric hoist double girder Overhead Cranes, electric single girder suspension Overhead Cranes, electric double girder suspension Overhead Cranes 4 kinds.

Bridge structure of the main beam span 7m ~ 10m, the multi-purpose steel structure (mainly I-beam) for the main beam. When the span is large, the composite cross-section beam structure made of I-beam and steel or steel plate is often used. But also useful I-beam and truss structure of the truss structure beam or truss beam, the end of the commonly used bending of the steel plate welded into the box beam or steel welded into a combination of cross-section beam.


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