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How to deal with the Overhead Crane overload of the inverter

How to deal with the Overhead Crane overload of the frequency converter 

Overhead Crane overload of the frequency converter

 If the Overhead Crane met inverter overload phenomenon during using, Overhead crane engine still rotating, but will inverter frequent trips, it will also affect the crane's work. At present there are many methods to determine whether the inverter overload, as follows:

1. The motor side inverter and the output three-phase voltage balance or not, If three phase voltage balance, May be the beam crane line between inverter and motor appeared problems such as poor contact, That leads to the inverter overload fault; If unbalanced three-phase voltage, may be a frequency converter internal problems, it can also cause inverter overload fault.

2. Whether overhead crane motor with a fever, If the motor temperature is normal, the electronic frequency converter thermal protection function value whether appropriate; If the motor is abnormally hot, May be the crane motor load too much more than that caused the overload of the transducer.


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