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The Overhead Crane work level

The Overhead Crane work level:

The working level of Overhead Crane is a crane work hard degree of parameters, That parameters of crane work in terms of time and degree of the degree of heavy load, the hook type is divided into: A1-A3 (light); A4-A5 (intermediate); A6-A7 (heavy) three levels of seven. Light level (A1 to A3) : few hoisting load rating, general lifting slightly load, used in power plant or other workplaces in installation and maintenance equipment, Work is not commonly used workshop and warehouse.

Intermediate (A4, A5) : sometimes hoisting load rating, general lifting medium load, workshop and garage for heavy work, like general mechanical processing and assembly workshop.

Heavy level (A6 - A7) : lifting load rating as usual, general hoisting heavy load, heavy work workshop and warehouse for work, Such as long time lift frequent carrying heavy frontal heavy goods and using metallurgical plant.


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