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The major components of Overhead Cranes

The major components of Overhead Cranes Common problems:

The major components of Overhead CranesThe three components of Overhead Cranes include hook, rope and brake. The three component once appear problem, easily to hang falls, even cause serious casualty accidents.

The common problem of hang hook is that the steel rope is decoupled, that is, when the object is tied badly, More than 120 degree Angle between the wire rope, Or lifting hook side is touch, The weight of the rope is pulled out of the hook when it is placed. In addition, the hook is made of grey cast iron or steel casting material, its brittleness is big, not resistant to touch, easy to broken, Therefore, in the process of lifting objects, if the space is narrow small, or the operator when careless operation, the pulley will be damaged due to collision. Once the pulley is damaged, the gap of the flange will cause the cutting of the wire rope and even the cutting of the wire rope to cause the accident. If the operator fails to refuel the hook pulley in time, The pulley can be caused by the rotation is not flexible excess amount of wear at the bottom of the tank. For a long time, the pulley will be half cracked, and the hook will release the accident during the operation. Not only that, when the amount of wear at the bottom of the tank increases, will make the steel wire rope embedded in deep, increase the friction resistance. Resulting in wire rope embedded quantity, increase resistance, which can lead to accelerated scrap steel wire hair.

Wire rope common problems with human factors is more commonly. The operator during operation, for example, steel wire rope and some equipment and buildings often friction, bruised, resulting in the outer wire rope broken wires, deformation; When the reel is operated wire rope on the drum multi-layer winding chaos; The hook often spins in the air and the rope kink; Wire rope long-term lack of oil, make its surface rust; The wire rope is often burned by high temperature, and the steel wire is damaged by the high voltage wire, also cause the accident.

Brake common problems are: brake main spring damage or adjustment too loose, brake torque is insufficient; Excessive wear of brake shoe cap nails, resulting in the insufficient friction, the brake non-stop weights; Brake lever locking nut, lever movement, or the joint effect of the brake lever system is stuck; Between brake shoe opening is not normal, some brake opens, side brake shoe clearance up to 2 to 3 mm, But on the other side is produced and also put on the brake wheel, the brake shoe and brake wheel wear and tear is accelerated, overloading cannot on the brakes. In addition, the brake is too tight is also unfavorable, because when the brake open gap is less than the normal value, the brake wheel rotation resistance will increase, often will smell the coke skin flavor, When the friction occurs thermal expansion, but will not stop the trolley accident.


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