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Method for solving Overhead Crane Components hook

Method for solving Overhead Crane Components hook: When the electric hoist, Overhead Crane Components in the process of lifting heavy objects, upward movement to stop or ascend weights for horizontal movement, the weight itself slowly falling down, this is what we used to say to slip the hook.

Overhead Crane

First analysis of the causes of slip hook, there are mainly two points:

(1)  The brake torque is not enough; Electromagnet stroke not adjust; Tile with brake wheel clearance is not correct.

(2)  Electric hoist cone-shaped motor brake ring not adjusted.

Method for solving slip hook of Overhead Crane Components hook

1. Check the brake, adjust the spring working length, compression spring, increase the braking torque.

2. Adjust the electromagnet stroke, making the core starting trip not more than half of stroke rating. In case of adjustment with due to wear brake block.

3. Whether short stroke brake or long stroke brake, when braking wheel diameter is not at the same time, the clearance between the tile and also different. Short stroke brake wheel 100-300 - mm diameter and tile to allow clearance to 0. 3 to 1 mm, 200-600 - mm long stroke brake wheel diameter and tile to allow clearance to 0.6-0.7 mm. The smaller the gap braking effect is more obvious.

4. Adjust the cone-shaped motor brake ring and static bad clearance, increase the braking torque.


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