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Single-Rail Hoist

The Nucleon Single-Rail Hoist

The low-height Single-Rail Hoist offers the greatest number of new features compared to the hoists on the market, thus having a number of advantages that make them even more reliable, safe and with lower maintenance costs.

Single-Rail Hoist

Single-Rail Hoist tachnical data:

Single-Rail Hoist, standard weight is 1~12.5T, standard lifting height is 6m, 9m, 12m. Double rail trolley and fixed type , standard weight is 3.2~80t, with the auxiliary hook, the lifting capacity configuration is 10/3.2~80/20T , standard lifting height up to 18m. Running speed: 2~20m/min stepless frequency control, standard lifting speed is 5/0.8M/min and can also select the frequency, electric hoist, smooth braking, small crane swing, positioning accuracy, improved performance greatly. The electric hoist design basis working grade is M5.

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