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How to solve the overhead crane waggle?

How to solve the overhead crane waggle?

 electric hoist overhead crane is characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel as a whole. It can be operated under three-dimensional environment. It is superior in the cases of short distance, concentrated lifting

Overhead Crane1. Transmission parts produce wear clearance. If the gear of the coupling and the gear of the reducer and their joint key are loose, drive shaft connecting bolts (articulation hole bolt > the clearance between the hole and grinding.

2. Wheel combination keys become loose.

3. A wheel in irons. Make bearing with a fixed wheel and the plate of the bearing is not straight, not flexible clamping, when parking the wheel to stop.

4. The brake torques of the two sides of the overhead crane are respectively inconsistent, When parking, a brake wheel has stopped and the other is still turning.

5. Drive overhead crane respectively, two electric motors parameters do not form a complete set, cause out of sync.

6. The huge difference between the two brake slack.  According to the above reasons, we can eliminate the phenomenon of torsion.


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