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Single girder overhead Traveling Crane Mount

Single girder overhead Traveling Crane Mount wire rope inspection and replacement precautions

 Overhead Crane

(1) Broken wire inspection (2) Radial wear (3) Deformation inspection  (4) Wire rope lubrication

(5) 1 twist distance from the number of wire over 10% of the total number of wire should be scrapped by standard;

(6) wire radial wear more than 40% of the original diameter, the entire wire rope should be scrapped;

(7) wire rope diameter shrinkage to the rope diameter of 70% kink, rope core exposed, broken stock should be scrapped new wire rope;

(8) before lubrication, use steel wire brush, kerosene and other cleaning, with wire rope hemp grease (Q/SY1152-65) or synthetic graphite calcium base lubrication (SYA1405-65) dip coating saturation is appropriate, single beam bridge Traveling Crane Mount


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