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The action of Material Lifting Cranes electromagnet and inspection

The action of Material Lifting Cranes electromagnet and inspection

Material Lifting Cranes electromagnets are Material Lifting Cranes devices for Material Lifting Cranes machines. Material Lifting Cranes electromagnet Material Lifting Cranes capacity should be greater than the quality of steel load, Material Lifting Cranes the material should consider the temperature shape and shape of the impact.

 Material Lifting Cranes

Electromagnet inspection and use of the main requirements are:

① should be used before the daily inspection of the wire connection of the wire and the cable insulation state, if damaged should be immediately repaired, and should check the Material Lifting Cranes channel and transport routes to ensure its smooth, ground safety logo wake Yan;

② check the Material Lifting Cranes solenoid shell and crane cable connection, found loose, poor contact should be promptly repaired; electromagnet power supply line should be separated from the crane power supply lines;

③ electromagnet power failure alarm device should be sensitive and reliable to ensure that the operator in the electromagnet failure to take timely preventive measures;

④ Material Lifting Cranes temperature is higher than 20 or more steel materials, should use a dedicated high temperature Material Lifting Cranes electromagnet;

⑤ the operator in the use of electromagnet Material Lifting Cranes steel materials, should comply with the provisions of the use of electromagnets, according to the provisions of the route and channel operation, not super specifications, overload, suspended objects are not allowed from the people and equipment through the top.


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