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Installation and precautions for Overhead Crane Brakes

Installation and precautions for Overhead Crane Brakes: The Overhead Crane Brakes are usually mounted on the mechanism's high-speed shaft (input shaft of the motor shaft or reducer), and some Overhead Crane Brakes are mounted on the low speed shaft or drum to prevent the product from falling when the drive is broken. The former because the braking torque is small, so the size of the brake can be reduced; the latter can increase the safety of the transmission system to prevent damage to parts caused by falling objects. During the safety inspection process, the following requirements must be confirmed:

First, the power-driven crane, its lifting, changing, running, rotating institutions must be installed Overhead Crane Brakes;

Second, the lifting mechanism, the luffing mechanism of theOverhead Crane Brakes, must be normally closed brake;

Thirdly, the lifting mechanism for the lifting of hot metal or other dangerous goods, as well as the lifting mechanism which may cause significant danger or loss, shall be provided with two sets of supporting Overhead Crane Brakes for each set of independent actuators.

Fourth, the Overhead Crane, the lifting mechanism and the luffing mechanism must be installed brake or stop;


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