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The Working Speed of Workshop Overhead Crane

The Working Speed of Workshop Overhead Crane: The working speed of the Workshop Overhead Crane includes the Hoisting speed, the Cross traveling speed and Long traveling speed. The choice of working speed depends on a variety of factors. First of all, with the weight, medium and small weight of the Workshop Overhead Crane to choose high speed to improve productivity, large weight of the Workshop Overhead Crane should use low speed to reduce the drive power, improve the smoothness and safety of the operation. The working speed also depends on the work level and the use of requirements, high level of work, often used, requiring high productivity of the Workshop Overhead Crane selection of high-speed; low level of work, for the operation of the adjustable operating mechanism can choose low speed; only for equipment installation and maintenance In addition to the Workshop Overhead Crane should use low-speed, but also according to need, using two-speed (fast, slow), micro speed or speed. The use of frequency control can make the working speed of 1:10 with any adjustment. Work speed is also related to the size of the service space of the Workshop Overhead Crane, running a long journey, lifting height should choose high-speed.

Workshop Overhead Crane

When the overhead Workshop Overhead Crane is running a short distance, it is not appropriate to use high-speed, so as not to start after the start brake. But with the development of modern industry. Heavy Workshop Overhead Cranes, which are heavily reprinted, are increasingly using high speed. Installation and maintenance of a large number of Workshop Overhead Cranes with speed. For some special functional Workshop Overhead Cranes, such as Workshop Overhead Cranes for work hardening operations, there should be a rapid descent device; large lifting height of the Workshop Overhead Crane should be appropriately increased in accordance with the lifting speed, but also heavy-duty low-speed, no-load using high-speed, or Take measures to achieve a higher rate of decline to increase productivity.


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