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Rectification of Workstation Overhead Cranes trolley

Rectification of Workstation Overhead Cranes trolley

With the development of Lifting Workstation Overhead Cranes industry, For the trolleys traveling have request a higher requirements. Due to large span, uneven rails, motor drive inconsistencies and other reasons, will cause the trolley to walk on both sides of the same situation, then the Workstation Overhead Cranes deflection of the steel structure and other unsafe factors that may cause serious consequences of Workstation Overhead Cranes collapse. Workstation Overhead Cranes in some industries require more accurate positioning. The above reasons cause the user inconvenience or economic losses, so that develop to create a trolley correction control device. Within the scope of your work to set the Workstation Overhead Cranes travel error within your controllable range, the operation more convenient, to avoid the trolleys to run security incidents. Easy to use, man-machine dialogue, the whole Chinese interface display; safe and reliable, more stable Workstation Overhead Cranes traveling

Workstation Overhead Cranes

Trolley synchronous correction using automatic and manual dual protection. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle automatic correction, when the trolley to the synchronization error, such as: 100 ~ 200mm between the automatic correction; when it reaches 200 ~ 300mm, the trolley automatically slow down and quickly correct the alarm when the trolley synchronization error greater than 300mm , Issued a sound and light alarm, while automatically cutting off the trolley traveling power, manual correction. The asynchronous error of the trolley can be displayed on the touch screen in real time. In the use of bridge Workstation Overhead Cranes, because of its large span, low stiffness, making the manufacture and installation of transmission mechanism is difficult to guarantee, especially the frequent operation of the Workstation Overhead Cranes transmission mechanism of accumulation error is greater. Resulting in most of the bridge Workstation Overhead Cranes have different degrees of trolleys deviation or bite the rail phenomenon. This greatly threatens the safe operation of Workstation Overhead Cranes and increases the cost of operation and maintenance.

In the large-span gantry Workstation Overhead Cranes is usually equipped with corrective devices, used to indicate and adjust the amount of deviation of door movement. Large span door machine in operation, due to both sides of the legs to run different resistance, wheel slip, wheel diameter differences and other reasons, often appear on one side of the leg ahead of the other side of the phenomenon. When the lead amount (or deflection) exceeds a certain value, the running resistance of the mechanism and the internal force of the metal member are increased, which may cause burnout of the running motor or damage of the metal member, thereby reducing the safety of the driving device and the metal member Sexual and life, and even make the door machine can not work. The use of deviation correction device safety and reliability; acquisition of the skew signal continuous, high precision rectification; external factors on the impact of the skew signal is small; adjust both sides of the motor drive speed, automatically correct the skew of the frame. Therefore, it is of great importance to install and correct the trolleys on the large span gantry Workstation Overhead Cranes, and to prevent and eliminate the phenomenon of wagon deviation or gnawing.

Products need to solve the problem:

1, in the orbit of any position can be initialized zero; start rectification work, other products need to specify the location of zero.

2, to solve the big problem of Workstation Overhead Cranes travel, generally about 200 meters; data can not have overflow.

3, anti-interference ability: wheel over the track joints produce the moment of skew, their rigid can be adjusted, the system needs to identify

4, with any form of operation of the circuit interface control;

5, on both sides of the wheel diameter deviation of the error filter;

6, record the cumulative deviation to eliminate;

7, long-distance sensor data transmission interference problems


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