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Roof Overhead Crane

 25 Ton Roof Overhead Crane

Nucleon QY model 25t insulating Roof Overhead Crane is a special type crane that is applicable to workshop where smelting electrolytic nonferrous metal material, such as electrolytic magnesium. The crane is composed of box bridge, running gear of Roof Overhead Crane. trolley and electrical devise. Several insulating appartus are mounted at proper parts of the crane, trolley and electrical device. Several insulating apparatus are mounted at proper parts of the crane to prevent the electric current  of the energized equipment  transmitting to the crane through the lifting hook during operation, which will endanger the driver's life and the safety of equipments. 

 25 Ton Roof Overhead Crane

The Roof Overhead Crane is heavy-duty. Dual actuator is equipped with the main mechanism for the purpose of safe hoisting.


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