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Overhead Travelling Bridge Crane

New type of Electric Overhead Travelling Bridge Crane: It adopts European standard, so it has the characteristics of simple structure, advanced supporting and advanced technology, a large number of control lines, maintenance-free, low failure and energy saving, and improved productivity. Compared with the Chinese national standard crane, it saves more than 35% of electricity, saves about 40% of raw materials, and maintenance-free can increase average productivity 30%, equipment management costs are reduced by 45%.

Overhead Travelling Bridge Crane

Advantages of single beam European Overhead Travelling Bridge Crane:

1) Low headroom, small wheel pressure and stable operation.

2) Fast positioning, simple operation, maintenance-free design.

3) Reasonable design and long service life.

4) Safe and reliable, improve production efficiency.

Weaknesses of single-beam European overhead crane:

Because the supporting parts are all fine or imported accessories, the price of single-beam European Overhead Travelling Bridge Crane is more expensive than ordinary single-beam cranes. This is a major drawback of European single-beam cranes. However, it depends on the customer's requirement.


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