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Overhead Double Girder Crane​

Overhead Double Girder Cranes

1.we have there for crane way columns at a step of 6 meters, total
crane way length of 30 meters
2. capacity of the crane should be 12.5 tonnes
3.span of the crane = 7 meter
4.lifting height about 16 meter
5. we will need for lifting 4/1 meter/min
6. for trolley and crane travel speed is 0,,, 10 meter/inverter
7. radio remote control
8. crane should be Overhead Double Girder Crane
What i need from you in max two days:
1. offer for electrical rope hoist +end carriages +electrical panel for
the entire crane(including good inverters inside)
2. offer for bus bar line with all accesories for L=30 METER
3.offer for the festoon line with all accesories for SPAN=7
4. very important :drawing of the crane with dimensions because i need
a minimum height possible of the crane, pls indicate if possible
height and type of the beams
5.FEM CLASS minimum 2m
6.a recommandation of the crane way beam type and height +rail
dimensions (60 x 60 square)

Overhead Double Girder Crane


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