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Inquiry About Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

Inquiry About Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

Double Girder Hydraulic Grapple Grab Bucket Overhead Crane is mainly used in inside workshop. It is diveded into two working classes: A5 and A8 according to the use grade and load-up condition.There are three kinds of method for entering the platform of cab from the side, from the end and from the top. The figure is the side entrance.The cab can be either fixed at the left end or at the right end; the figure shows tat the cab is fixed at the left end.Safe side wire or angle iron can be used for electric conduction of the crane

 Inquiry About Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

Detailed Images

Loading capacity

5 ~ 500t

Lifting height

3 ~ 30 m or customized

Lifting speed

Vary with lifting capacity, or customized.


10.5~31.5 m/min

Lifting mechanism

Wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist

Working class


Working temperature


Power supply


Control voltage

DC -36 / 48V

Motor protection class

IP54 IP55 IP65

Control way

Cabin, wireless remote, pendant push button

Safety device

Buffer,current overload protection,overload device


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