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Heavy Duty Grab Crane

QZ Heavy Duty Grab Crane

On time delivery, on time installation of Heavy Duty Grab Crane for handling. Significantly improved safety and productivity of customer’s operations.

QZ Heavy Duty Grab Crane is widely used in loading goods in port, factory, workshop, power plant, steel melting plant, cement plant, waste renewable energy industry.

The working duty is heavy. The group classification of the crane is A6,A7,A8.

The direction of platform door to the driver’s cap is: side, end and top.

The lifting capacity includes the weight of the grab.

The open direction of the grab includes paralleling with the beam and plumbing with the beam, this design is the plumbing type.

The Heavy Duty Grab Crane includes main beam, lifting trolley, wheel, hook, pulley, electrics, grab


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