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Electric Overhead Travelling Crane EOT Crane

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane EOT Crane From China Nucleon

Crane has been used as an important part of a working landscape since its invention. They are usually used in heavy lifting tasks and construction. There are different types of cranes available for different requirements. Each type of crane is crafted to meet the particular requirements of users. In this write-up, we will be seeing various types of EOT (Electric Overhead Travel) cranes that are available at the best Electric Overhead Travelling Crane EOT Crane.


There are various types of overhead cranes, industrial cranes & EOT Crane pdf with many being highly specialised, but the great majority of installations into one of three categories.

 Electric Overhead Travelling Crane EOT Crane

Top running single girder bridge cranes,

Top running double girder bridge cranes and

Under-running single girder bridge cranes. Electric Overhead Traveling Crane.

Double Girder Beam Electric Overhead Traveling Eot Crane
Lifting Weight: 5t-32t
Span: 10.5m ~ 31.5 m or other
Lifting Height: 6m ~ 24m

Work Duty : A3~A8

This type of overhead crane configuration is made up of two bridge girders, two end carriages and a hoist with trolley. The hoist travels on top of rails that are mounted to the top of bridge girders. It is widely used for transferring material, goods,
equipment installation and maintenance in factory, power station, storeroom, warehouse etc.


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