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Double Girder Overhead Crane With Hoist

Double Girder Overhead Crane With Hoist is designed and manufactured with European or Chinese standard. The trolley is installed between two main girders. Thus it increases the traveling scope of spreader. This Double Girder Ovehead Crane With Hoist is with reliable performance, flexible application range, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

 Double Girder Overhead Crane With Hoist

It adopts three-pivot installation form; both ends of reel directly support the end carriages of trolley frame; pulley beam connects end carriages on both sides through bolts to form longitudinal beam. Output shaft of reducer should be coordinately connected to outstretched reel shaft. The elastic coupling can be applied to hoisting motor and reducer.

1, Welding Reel. It is made of short shaft steel plate rolling, with bearing bases on both ends, one of them outstretches set shaft, of which structure is simple and easy for adjustment and installation.

2, Hight-strength galvanized steel rope. With breaking force of 1870kn/mm2, it’s not necessary to get it coated with rustproof oil and maintenance-free.

3, Lifting motor. It adopts the frequency conversion motor, which is optimized air-cooling type, with insulation class F and protection class IP55, and power continuity rate 40%.

4, Lifting reducer. It gets the tooth surface carburized and hardened, with hardness of HRC60, and also has been grinded or gear shaved, with light deadweight, good sealing and no leakage.

5, Lifting brake. The regular closed brake has automatic abrasion compensation function which can manually release under emergency station through separate manual operation. If necessary, two brakes could be allowed to install.

6, Hook group. It consists of hook and pulley. The hook material is DG34CrMo. The pulley material is Q235 hot-rolling. It adopts anti-friction roller bearing, the hook can be 360degree rotation. It is equipped with spring-pressed safety lock, preventing from slipping off. All pulleys use maintenance-free bearing, the design can efficiently prevent abrasion between steel rope and pulley shell. It has delicate overall structure and volume as well as nice appearance.

7, Lifting Limit switch. It is of cam rotary type, 4 steps adjusting, up and down limitation, auto-resetting, safe and reliable. The lifting pre-limitation can reduce the impact; extreme limitation can avoid the hook from over-lifting.

8, Electrical Box. It is of IP55 protection class, air plug and fast-easy installation; Schneider/Siemens electrical kits, etc


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