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Column Rotation Jib Crane

Nucleon Column Rotation Jib Crane with wire rope hoist

Column Rotation Jib Crane is small and medium-speed lifting equipment developed recently. The operation method of this crane contains manual and electric, the manual working in the situation of no power supply. It has features of simple structure; safe, reliable and convenient operation, high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, and flexibility. It can be operated under three-dimensional environment; it is superior in the case of short distance, concentrated lifting.

Column Rotation Jib Crane

This Column Rotation Jib Crane is composed by the vertical shaft, revolving arm, rotating shaft, wire rope electric hoist etc. The bottom of the vertical shaft is fixed on the concrete base. It can be used to match with single or double speed.

Column Rotation Jib Crane can be used in factory, mine, production line of workshop, assembly line, machine tool workshop, warehouse and pier etc. No flammable, explosive and corrosive gas in working environment, and prohibited to lift molten metals, toxic substances and dangerous goods.


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