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China Nucleon Monorail Overheard Crane

China Nucleon Monorail Overheard Crane

Single Girder Monorail Overheard Crane are mainly made up by main beams, end beams, trolleys, electrical parts and control rooms and other components.This type crane holds many characters of light structure, easy to install and maintain, widely used in plants, warehouses, material stocks to lift goods etc. 

China Nucleon Monorail Overheard Crane 

Monorail Overheard Crane capacity: 0.5t~32t
Monorail Overheard Crane span : 6m~31.5m

Monorail Overheard Crane lifting height: 6m~30m

Monorail Overheard Crane work duty:A3~A5
Monorail Overheard Crane working temperature: -25
to 40

Monorail Overheard Crane control method :Wireless remote control/Pendent control


Advantage of Monorail Overheard Crane:

1.Cut Down Your Plant or Factory Building Investment.

2.Improve Your Production Efficiency, Create More Value for Your Investment.

3.Suitable different Operating Conditions, And Provide you One-Stop Solutions.

4.Compact Design, Low Headroom, Safety With High Performance.

5.Reduce Daily Maintenance, Easy Operation And Energy Saving.

6.Low noise, soft starting and stopping .


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