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  • NR Electric Hoist
  • NR Electric Hoist
NR Electric HoistNR Electric HoistNR Electric Hoist

NR Electric Hoist

  • Capacity:3- 20Ton
  • Lfiting height: 6-18m
  • Duty class: M5
  • Europe standard
  • Product description: China Nucleon NR Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist is a new generation series which is fabricated according to GB and FEM standards.
China Nucleon NR Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist is a new generation series which is fabricated according to GB and FEM standards.

There are four structural designs available for users to choose: NRL Low- headroom  Monorail  Hoist,NRS Standard  Headroom  Monorail  Hoist,NRT Double- rail Trolley and NRF Foot- mounted Hoist.

Characteristics of NR Series Electric Hoist:

1, Modular design concept:

There are 5 kinds of travelling motor modules, 4 kinds of travelling reducer modules, 5 kinds of hoisting motor modules, and 4 kinds of hoisting reducer modules to be choose.

2, Autonomous and controllable design concept of core technology

Cooperating with domestic experts to develop crane-specific motors, reducers, monitors, and completely independent manufacturing, so as to achieve controllable product quality and controllable producing period.

3, Low headroom and compact design concept

All series Electric Hoist is equipped with large diameter drum, which can effectively increase the lifting height and reduce the left and right limits. Smaller crane working dead zone provides larger using space for the customers.

4, light duty design concept

The reducer adopts high-precision hard toothed gears, and the tooth surface is subjected to carburizing, quenching, grinding and other processes, that makes its accuracy reaches grade six.

5, Beautiful and high-performance appearance

The aluminum alloy shells of reducer and motor adopt stretching process, that makes it beautiful and light weight with high performance of shock absorption, noise reduction and excellent heat dispersion.

6, Maintenance-free design concept

The high-precision hard toothed gear reducer will be filled with international brand lubricants at the factory, and there is no needs to replace it during its service life.

International brand maintenance-free steel wire rope, electrical components, bearings and pendent controller.

Electromagnetic disk brake with automatic compensation of brake clearance and maintenance-free function.

7, Energy saving and environmental protection design concept

The motor power is reduced by 30% compared with the traditional electric hoist.

Through the mature application of Variable frequency positioning technology, the work efficiency is improved by more than 20%.

The noise of the whole machine is below 70 decibels.

The brake pads adopt non-asbestos design. No metal dust caused by the slide friction between the Nylon rope guide and steel wire rope, drum, providing workers with high cleanness operation environment.

8, Strong, sturdy and safe design concept

The whole machine passed the national standard life test (1600 hours ).

The service life of electrical components is not less than 500,000 times.

The safe use of brake reaching 1 million times, the breaking force of the wire rope reaching grade 2160, the hook adopts high-strength T-class hook head, and 10 years free maintenance of speed reducer.

9, Intelligent and remote operation and maintenance design concept

Intelligent safety monitoring system has the advantage as follows: Calculating the remaining safety cycle of lifting mechanism, break safety operation times, accumulated starts times of hoisting and travelling, records the load tonnage, overload protection, prohibit users from illegal overloading operations, real-time monitoring of crane’s operating power supply, motor overheat protection, and extensible wireless access point, which can access to user’s big data center monitoring management, so as to realize remote operation and maintenance.

Lifting capacity(Ton)

3, 5, 8, 10, 12.5, 15, 20

Lifting height(m)

6, 9, 12, 15, 18

Lifting speed(m/min)

6/1, 5/0.8, 4/0.66

Travelling speed(m/min)


Power source standard

380V~440V, 50/60Hz, 3-phease

Duty class

M5(FEM 2m)

Control model

Pendant hancle control or wireless remote control

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